More Tasty Shots from Amy Mikler for Omni Hotels!

July 20, 2017 in Amy Mikler

Excited to share more amazing shots from Amy Mikler for Omni Hotels! Refreshing, beautiful & delish!

KKR’s Latest and Greatest!

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blogpostredoThese past few months have been a blast! From signing on three incredible photographers, to spending a week visiting agencies throughout Minneapolis and having the opportunity to take part in the fantastic LeBook Connections event here in Chicago!

We had a great time at LeBook Connections, held at the stunning Chicago Athletic Club, mingling with creatives from all across the country, and receiving excellent feedback for our work. Following our success at LeBook, the vibes were also running high as we set up our portfolio shows at Clarity Coverdale Fury, Colle McVoy, Olson, Periscope, Lifetime Fitness, Mono, and Preston Kelly. As always, it was the best of times having Mike Tittel, Colby Lysne, Michael Spain-Smith and Dana Sabre join us on our journey! Thank you to all of the creatives for allowing us to come in and show you what we do.

We look forward to finishing this busy fall season strong with more shows and good times to come!


Happy Fourth of July!

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4thOfJulyGrid“In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed it must be achieved.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday weekend from the entire KKR team!

The Healing Power of Nature!

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JuneGreatOutdoorsblogpostAt KKR, we believe that being out in nature does your body, mind, and soul some good! According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the closer you live to nature, the healthier you’re likely to be. On the contrary, those who live in urban areas were more prevalent to anxiety and depression. Since June is National Great Outdoors month, we are excited to share some inspiring, stunning shots from our photographers as well as tips to get you outside and living a more fulfilled life!

Health benefits of being outdoors:

Vitamin D – Has shown to prevent cancer, hormonal problems, inflammation in the body, and obesity. Vitamin D has proven to strengthen the immune system.

Improved sleep – Because our circadian rhythms are naturally tied to the sun’s schedule, spending too much time indoors and away from natural light can alter these rhythms.

Psychological health – Being outside has shown to massively effect mental wellbeing. Spending time in nature has been linked to improved attention spans, boosts in serotonin.

Here are some fun ways to get outside:

Gardening – From planting a vegetable garden to planting a few flowers, both activities get you outside regularly and allow you to connect with nature.

Take vacations – For your next scheduled break, visit a state or national park or go to a beautiful beach.

Find a trail – Whether you best enjoy biking or hiking, there are trails all around the country for you to explore.

Sit outside – The next time you need a break, try sitting outside quietly and just appreciate the natural beauty around you. Notice the scents, sights and sounds as you sit quietly and focus on the moment.

Go to a local park – Ask others around you which park is their favorite to visit. Then the next time the weather is good, trade your usual gym workout for an outdoor one.

Commit to the outdoors, rain or shine – When you’re properly prepared,  you can enjoy the outdoors in any season, cold, wet or hot. There are many activities that can be done all year round!

Cheers to your best self!

Amy Mikler’s Adorable New Work!

May 19, 2016 in Amy Mikler, Kim Knight Represents


Brown_606 Babies04Trey_155

Babies01 Babies17

We are loving these adorable new images by Amy Mikler!

“Babies are amazing little subjects. They are so responsive to sounds and sights. They are also naturally inquisitive, so I usually start out sitting by them with my camera and let them touch the camera (I keep the lens cap on!), and pretty quickly they lose interest in the camera, and I can begin capturing their activities and expressions. They require a lot of nimbleness and observation to be sure not to miss the moment, but even little bitty guys reward with some big expressions. And when you need them looking straight in the camera, that really requires some perseverance and focus, because those moments are few and fleeting.” – Amy Mikler

Precious baby love! To see more of these images click here and here!

KKR is Shooting Down Stress!

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As we all know, working in the advertising and photography industry can sometimes be a bit stressful. Because April is Stress Awareness Month, we feel it’s a great time to share some tranquil images from our photographers along with some helpful tips to reduce stress in your life. Stress affects overall well-being, and if left unmanaged, can result in both physical and emotional issues such as illness, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression and anxiety disorders.

Here are some KKR tips for wrangling stress and making your days more productive:

Journaling: Start your day by taking the time to write out your thoughts. This is a great way to release negativity and put your life in perspective.

Drink Green Tea: Green tea contains theanine which is an amino acid that promotes relaxation and also works as a caffeine antagonist, meaning it counters the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Eat a Banana or a Potato: Potassium helps regulate blood pressure which lowers stress levels.

Spend Time with Animals: Being in the company of pets and other animals helps produce feel-good endorphins, lowers blood pressure and can improve your relationships with those around you.

Experience Gratitude: Make a habit of expressing the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Positive thinking can significantly improve your life!

Take Frequent Breaks from your Computer: Uninterrupted computer use is associated with stress, lost sleep and depression.

Spend Time Near Water: Whether a pool or an ocean, being near water can induce a meditative state by promoting calmness and clarity.

Watch Something Humorous: Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases endorphins.

Go for a Walk: Walking, especially through nature, helps clear your head and boosts endorphins.

Pucker Up: Kissing relieves stress by creating a sense of connectedness, which releases endorphins.

Buy a Plant: While it’s known that plants purify the air, it’s also scientifically proven that being around plants can induce your relaxation response. Place a plant on your desk to help promote a stress-free work environment.

Cheers to living your best possible lives, stress-free!


KKR Takes On Colorado!

February 9, 2016 in Amy Mikler, Chris Strong, Colby Lysne, Grace Chon, Harold Lee Miller, Kim Knight Represents, Michael Spain-Smith, Mike Tittel, Ryan Heffernan, Stacey Van Berkel, Uncategorized

ColoradoThankyouPostWhat a motivating and inspiring way to start the year! We all had so much fun taking the journey to Colorado and having the opportunity to meet with several incredible ad agencies and share what we are all about! Traveling through Denver and Boulder, we met with the Integer Group, Karsh Hagan, Motive, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, and Grenadier. We all had a blast meeting the creatives and want to thank everyone for making our experience there truly memorable!

Amy Mikler Featured on A Photo Editor!

November 19, 2015 in Amy Mikler, Kim Knight Represents, Uncategorized

A 12 year old girl orphaned by the genocide in Rwanda

Kids carry the water they collected at a public well and walk home carrying jugs that can weigh as much as 40 pounds. Rwanda

A young girl sifts through the rice during dinner preparation. Rwanda.

Classroom in Rwanda

A young girl mops the floor. Rwanda

A group of schoolgirls grab shade in the Luwero district of Uganda.

Given the often structured nature of advertising photography, it can be exhilarating to have the opportunity to have a glimpse of what lies in the heart of photographers.

Amy Mikler’s personal project titled One Child, One Week was featured in A Photo Editor today! Among the stunning photographs showcasing her trip to Rwanda, Amy discusses her experience following the day to day life of a young girl.

Click here to see more images and read more about Amy’s personal project!


The Adventures of Kim Knight Represents!

October 27, 2015 in Amy Mikler, Chris Strong, Colby Lysne, Grace Chon, Harold Lee Miller, Kim Knight Represents, Michael Spain-Smith, Mike Tittel, Ryan Heffernan, Stacey Van Berkel, Uncategorized

NewBlogGrid10-20Over the last couple months, KKR has been on a roll! We were stoked to meet with many Chicago based agencies including Energy BBDO, Cramer-Krasselt, McGarry Bowen, Trisect, and Hyatt this September. We then traveled to Austin and Dallas in October to show off our incredible roster at GSD&M, McGarrah Jesse and the Richard’s Group. It was a such a pleasure having our photographers Colby Lysne, Amy Mikler, and Michael Spain-Smith join us on many of our recent trips!

In addition to these amazing opportunities, the KKR team was also part of LeBook Connections this year. At the event, we met and mingled with brilliant creatives from agencies all across the country. This tour de force just wrapped by Kim serving as a reviewer at NYC Fotoworks last week. We have had a whirlwind of fun on our recent business endeavors!

Please be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to stay tuned for more exciting news as we continue to book more shows for the season!

Amy Mikler’s New Video Reel!

September 29, 2015 in Amy Mikler

Please enjoy this delightful new video reel by Amy Mikler, showcasing some of her latest projects!