April Showers Inspire Beautiful Water Images!

April 18, 2013 in Chris Strong, Ryan Heffernan

We all know the old saying that “April showers bring May flowers.”  Here at Kim Knight Represents, we believe the Midwest must be due for some pretty gorgeous bouquets come May, because the weather at our headquarters this month has been all about rain!


photo rep kim knight

images, from left to right: Chris Strong, Ryan Heffernan, Chris Litwin


While rain can be known to cause an influx of bad moods and gaudy umbrellas, the constant presence of water has actually inspired us to take another look at how water is used in the works of many of our photographers.  One of nature’s greatest treasures, water brings a rich sensory experience to these images.


photo rep kim knight

images, from left to right: Sasha Gulish, Riker Brothers


We feel lucky to represent such amazing artists—maybe we’ll have to send them some fresh flowers (courtesy of all of these rain showers) come May!

The Riker Brothers Feed Your TV Addiction with new Images of David Harewood from Homeland!

April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Photographers Riker Brothers Homeland David Harewood

If you’re like us, you sorely miss a little Sunday night addiction called Homeland!  While this star, recently photographed by the Riker Brothers, won’t be returning to the series come the new premiere in September, he was an integral character in the first two seasons of the show.

Photographers Riker Brothers Homeland David Harewood

Don’t worry, we haven’t seen the last of him on our television screens—we’ve heard a little rumor that he’ll be teaming up with Homeland’s producers once again to headline a new crime drama on CBS.

Photographers Riker Brothers Homeland David Harewood

Whether you loved or hated the character of David Estes, we can all agree that actor David Harewood has some serious acting chops.  The Riker Brothers have captured a softer, more humorous side of the English thespian with these brilliant new shots!