Chris Strong for Chicago Magazine’s Summer Escape issue! Theaster Gates: The Rise of an Unconventional Art Star

May 30, 2013 in Chris Strong, Kim Knight Represents

EXCITING NEWS!  Theaster Gates, one of Chicago’s hottest artists, caught on camera by Chris Strong! 

Theaster Gates photographed by Chris Strong

Theaster Gates photographed by Chris Strong

Hurry!  Pick up the latest issue and check out online Theaster Gates: The Rise of an Unconventional Art Star at!   Strong’s photographs spark excitement for Theaster Gates first big solo show, 13th Ballad!  13th Ballad, currently at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, is exceptionally inspiring and challenges art as the idea of relief.  Schedule your trip to see the exhibition before it ends October 6, 2013.  

Check out MCA Chicago’s website for more details, this exhibition is a MUST SEE!  







Kim Knight Represents is proud and excited to announce our latest additions…Stacey Van Berkel and Eszter & David!

May 15, 2013 in Kim Knight Represents, Stacey Van Berkel

Ready to fall in love?

Stacey Van Berkel

Please welcome…Stacey Van Berkel!

The work of Canadian born Stacey Van Berkel, an award-winning photographer now based in Greensboro, North Carolina, embodies a sense of elegance, poise and sophistication. Whether capturing travel, lifestyle, food or interior furnishings her keen eye for design and beauty creates timeless, lasting narratives throughout her photographs. When Stacey’s lens isn’t capturing food or furnishings its out for an adventure capturing th e world, from the Bahamas to the United Kingdom!

View Stacey’s photography: and

Eszter & David

Announcing another dynamic duo…Eszter & David!

Originally from Australia, but now calling San Francisco home, Eszter & David form an unbeatable photography team with an endless array of talents.  With David behind the camera and Eszter’s sharp eye, their powerful portraits and lively imagery are creative and inspirational.  It is through their collective passion for photography that they have become such an accomplished photo duo!

View Eszter & David’s photography: and


 We are delighted to have these creative photographers as part of the

Kim Knight Represents family!


Chris Strong Reveals the Life of a Student at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business!

May 1, 2013 in Chris Strong

Chris Strong recently teamed up with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to give prospective students an inside look at the academic culture, fun personalities, and signature Chicago lifestyle that accompanies a degree from the Booth School of Business.  Chris has a talent for capturing the beauty and unique identity of Chicago icons, and this piece for the University of Chicago is no exception.

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 10.47.55 AM

Striking the perfect balance between playful and professional, Chris’s video is a powerful snapshot of this renowned program.  It’s so powerful, in fact, that we think we’ll all have to join the fun!  Who’s enrolling with us?!