Colby Lysne Rocks it Out with Page 18!

April 28, 2016 in Colby Lysne, Uncategorized

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We are delighted to share this brilliant new project by Colby Lysne! These images feature the Nashville based band, Page 18, captured in the exquisitely gritty Oliver Building in Kansas City’s West Bottoms, where the band recorded their new album.

The sweeping openness of the industrial floors served as a source of inspiration for the band. “To be honest, the space shaped the music as much as any of us did”, said lead singer Mason Pashia, “It would not have been the same project without the resonant grit-infested atmosphere.”

Through this project, Colby successfully conveys that innovation can truly be a product of one’s environment.

To see more images from this series, click here!

KKR is Shooting Down Stress!

April 20, 2016 in Amy Mikler, Chris Strong, Colby Lysne, Grace Chon, Harold Lee Miller, Kim Knight Represents, Michael Spain-Smith, Mike Tittel, Ryan Heffernan, Stacey Van Berkel, Uncategorized


As we all know, working in the advertising and photography industry can sometimes be a bit stressful. Because April is Stress Awareness Month, we feel it’s a great time to share some tranquil images from our photographers along with some helpful tips to reduce stress in your life. Stress affects overall well-being, and if left unmanaged, can result in both physical and emotional issues such as illness, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression and anxiety disorders.

Here are some KKR tips for wrangling stress and making your days more productive:

Journaling: Start your day by taking the time to write out your thoughts. This is a great way to release negativity and put your life in perspective.

Drink Green Tea: Green tea contains theanine which is an amino acid that promotes relaxation and also works as a caffeine antagonist, meaning it counters the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Eat a Banana or a Potato: Potassium helps regulate blood pressure which lowers stress levels.

Spend Time with Animals: Being in the company of pets and other animals helps produce feel-good endorphins, lowers blood pressure and can improve your relationships with those around you.

Experience Gratitude: Make a habit of expressing the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Positive thinking can significantly improve your life!

Take Frequent Breaks from your Computer: Uninterrupted computer use is associated with stress, lost sleep and depression.

Spend Time Near Water: Whether a pool or an ocean, being near water can induce a meditative state by promoting calmness and clarity.

Watch Something Humorous: Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases endorphins.

Go for a Walk: Walking, especially through nature, helps clear your head and boosts endorphins.

Pucker Up: Kissing relieves stress by creating a sense of connectedness, which releases endorphins.

Buy a Plant: While it’s known that plants purify the air, it’s also scientifically proven that being around plants can induce your relaxation response. Place a plant on your desk to help promote a stress-free work environment.

Cheers to living your best possible lives, stress-free!


Chris Strong for Chicago Public Library!

April 19, 2016 in Uncategorized


We are stoked to brighten your day with these vibrant new ads shot by Chris Strong for Chicago Public Library!



Stacey Van Berkel for Style at Home Magazine!

April 7, 2016 in Uncategorized


Stacey Van Berkel has nabbed the May cover of Canada’s Style at Home magazine! Shot in a home in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Toronto, these vibrantly elegant images display Stacey’s love of her native homeland and working with the talented Style at Home team. For those interested in picking up a copy in the U.S., this issue can be found at most Wholefoods locations.

Please enjoy some of Stacey’s favorites from the shoot below!