Grace Chon for Purina!

May 26, 2016 in Grace Chon, Kim Knight Represents, Uncategorized

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Grace Chon is capturing hearts with these lovable Purina ads, celebrating the delight of rescue and adoption! This campaign features real people with their adopted pets, and will be used as posters to be hung in animal shelters. Grace was also in charge of the casting for this project, which included 15 different families over the course of 5 days! While it was no easy feat, the result is truly awe-inspiring.

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Scratch Bakery by Stacey Van Berkel!

May 25, 2016 in Stacey Van Berkel, Uncategorized

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Stacey Van Berkel’s flavorful new images of Phoebe Lawless’s Scratch Bakery, are sure to make make both your eyes and taste buds soar! Stacey first photographed the James Beard nominated pastry chef when she was baking out of her home and selling her delicious creations at the local farmer’s market. She has since opened her lovely shop in Durham, North Carolina. Phoebe’s sweet treats are a reflection of her passion of local sourcing and attention to seasonal ingredients. We love to hear about what others are doing to promote sustainable food practices!

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Amy Mikler’s Adorable New Work!

May 19, 2016 in Amy Mikler, Kim Knight Represents


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We are loving these adorable new images by Amy Mikler!

“Babies are amazing little subjects. They are so responsive to sounds and sights. They are also naturally inquisitive, so I usually start out sitting by them with my camera and let them touch the camera (I keep the lens cap on!), and pretty quickly they lose interest in the camera, and I can begin capturing their activities and expressions. They require a lot of nimbleness and observation to be sure not to miss the moment, but even little bitty guys reward with some big expressions. And when you need them looking straight in the camera, that really requires some perseverance and focus, because those moments are few and fleeting.” – Amy Mikler

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