Happy Fourth of July!

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4thOfJulyGrid“In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed it must be achieved.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday weekend from the entire KKR team!

Harold Lee Miller Featured in PhotoPolitic!

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Indianapolis Commercial Lifestyle Portrait photographer

What a treat to see Harold Lee Miller featured in PhotoPolitic as one of seven great photographers who put the “life into lifestyle photography”! This article by Chris Armstrong emphasizes the art of successful production and generating credible imagery that makes it’s viewer believe in the product being advertised. We also agree that great lifestyle photography needs to be celebrated!

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The Healing Power of Nature!

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JuneGreatOutdoorsblogpostAt KKR, we believe that being out in nature does your body, mind, and soul some good! According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the closer you live to nature, the healthier you’re likely to be. On the contrary, those who live in urban areas were more prevalent to anxiety and depression. Since June is National Great Outdoors month, we are excited to share some inspiring, stunning shots from our photographers as well as tips to get you outside and living a more fulfilled life!

Health benefits of being outdoors:

Vitamin D – Has shown to prevent cancer, hormonal problems, inflammation in the body, and obesity. Vitamin D has proven to strengthen the immune system.

Improved sleep – Because our circadian rhythms are naturally tied to the sun’s schedule, spending too much time indoors and away from natural light can alter these rhythms.

Psychological health – Being outside has shown to massively effect mental wellbeing. Spending time in nature has been linked to improved attention spans, boosts in serotonin.

Here are some fun ways to get outside:

Gardening – From planting a vegetable garden to planting a few flowers, both activities get you outside regularly and allow you to connect with nature.

Take vacations – For your next scheduled break, visit a state or national park or go to a beautiful beach.

Find a trail – Whether you best enjoy biking or hiking, there are trails all around the country for you to explore.

Sit outside – The next time you need a break, try sitting outside quietly and just appreciate the natural beauty around you. Notice the scents, sights and sounds as you sit quietly and focus on the moment.

Go to a local park – Ask others around you which park is their favorite to visit. Then the next time the weather is good, trade your usual gym workout for an outdoor one.

Commit to the outdoors, rain or shine – When you’re properly prepared,  you can enjoy the outdoors in any season, cold, wet or hot. There are many activities that can be done all year round!

Cheers to your best self!

Stacey Van Berkel Featured in B Magazine!

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In recent news, Stacey Van Berkel has been featured in Buick’s B Magazine! While usually behind the camera, the roles were turned for this Summer 2016 issue, featuring Stacey as a blogger. The issue showcases some of Stacey’s favorites within the Raleigh/Durham area in North Carolina, as well as her inspiration behind her blog, Le Vie En Turquoise. To set the stage for the shoot, streets were shut down in downtown Raleigh, where Stacey was photographed by two photographers along side a new Buick Encore!

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Photo of Stacey Van Berkel : Roche Photo Collective

All other images by : Stacey Van Berkel