Grace Chon’s New Personal Project – HAIRY!

July 26, 2016 in Grace Chon, Kim Knight Represents, Uncategorized

We can’t get enough of Grace Chon’s stupendously adorable new photo series HAIRY that has gone viral over night and is gaining increasingly more attention from the press! These images showcase the before and after transformations of a group of seriously shaggy pups. To prepare for the shoot, each dog grew their hair much longer than usual and were each given a new ‘do using Japanese style grooming by the groomers from Healthy Spot. From her experience capturing the transformation Grace learned a lot about the art form of grooming; “I don’t have dogs that get groomed, but watching the groomers up close made me realize how much time and dedication goes into a cut especially when the majority of it is being done by hand with scissors. The groomers I had the pleasure of working with are so creative and great at what they do.”

Currently, you can see the series on: Bored Panda, Design Taxi, Hello Giggles, My Modern Met, Yahoo, Dog Milk, If It’s Hip It’s Here, Insider, Refinery29, Adventures of Yoo and The Huffington Post. The list keeps growing!

Beware of cute-overload!

Yuki Before


Yuki After (grooming by Alyson Ogimachi)


Rocco Before


Rocco After (grooming by Patricia Sugihara)


Lana Before


Lana After (grooming by Koko Fukaya)


Biggie Smalls Before


Biggie Smalls After (grooming by Cameron Adkins)


Athena Before


Athena After (grooming by Donna Owens)


To see more of Grace’s work and more images from the series, click here!

Kim Knight Represents Food and Beverage Photographer Amy Herold!

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AmyHeroldIntroWe are so excited to announce our newest addition to Kim Knight Represents, Amy Herold! Amy specializes in food, beverage and product photography, with an undeniable passion for still life. While Salt Lake City, Utah serves as her base, Amy works from her studio in San Francisco and also shoots as a local in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Amy’s attention to color, form and texture truly make her stand out, giving her work a creative edge that is perfectly in line with that of KKR!

To see more of Amy’s work, click here and here!

Mike Tittel’s New Personal Project

July 13, 2016 in Kim Knight Represents, Mike Tittel, Uncategorized

MTittel_20160629_MTP6159MTittel_20160629_MTP5615MTittel_20160629__MTP4828MTittel_20160629_MTP5772MTittel_20160629_MTP6518MTittel_20160629_MTP7080These awe-inspiring photographs by Mike Tittel capture the essence of the National Veterans Wheelchair Games; a program that encourages veterans to live healthy/active lifestyles through sports and recreation. This project was inspired by the veterans who Mike met on a commissioned portrait shoot for the USAA and invited him to come support the NVWG events. Shot over the course of three days in Salt Lake City, this experience was truly transformative for Mike who found that the events were less about competition and more about supporting one another, while achieving personal goals. The result is a collection of powerful images conveying true perseverance and evidence that limitations only exist in our minds.

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Grace Chon Featured in Seventeen Magazine!

July 12, 2016 in Grace Chon, Kim Knight Represents

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 11.22.57 AM

Hello Boo! We are loving Grace Chon’s tearsheet from the August 2016 issue of Seventeen Magazine featuring the famous Boo the dog. Be sure to to pick up your copy!