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blogpostredoThese past few months have been a blast! From signing on three incredible photographers, to spending a week visiting agencies throughout Minneapolis and having the opportunity to take part in the fantastic LeBook Connections event here in Chicago!

We had a great time at LeBook Connections, held at the stunning Chicago Athletic Club, mingling with creatives from all across the country, and receiving excellent feedback for our work. Following our success at LeBook, the vibes were also running high as we set up our portfolio shows at Clarity Coverdale Fury, Colle McVoy, Olson, Periscope, Lifetime Fitness, Mono, and Preston Kelly. As always, it was the best of times having Mike Tittel, Colby Lysne, Michael Spain-Smith and Dana Sabre join us on our journey! Thank you to all of the creatives for allowing us to come in and show you what we do.

We look forward to finishing this busy fall season strong with more shows and good times to come!


Featured on Noisey.com: Chris Strong Captures the Legendary American Football House

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This recent article featured on Noisey.com, tells the story behind emo-rock band American Football’s iconic house that has become one of music’s most renowned landmarks. Hailing from Urbana, Illinois, the group made a name for their town, showcasing an image of this house captured by Chris Strong on their first album cover.

“For me, a lot of the stuff in the album artwork has to do with Urbana in general instead of specifically that house,” Chris said. “It’s super dark and kind of rundown, but in a great way. There’s dirty corners. There’s a nice ‘Urbana’ thing about Urbana that I can’t put my finger on.”

While American Football initially broke up back in 2000, the band recently announced the upcoming release of their first album in nearly 17 years. Chris was invited to return to the legendary house to shoot the music video “Never Meant”, bringing back a slew of memories dating back to his college years.

As the house is a rather unlikely landmark, its certain that the soulful nostalgia of 704 W. High St. is here to stay.

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