Kim Knight Represents Photographer Adam Moran!

April 20, 2017 in Adam Moran, Kim Knight Represents

We are so thrilled to welcome Adam Moran to the KKR family! Adam found photography at a young age as a way to explore new places, meet new people, and capture all the fun life had to offer. His curiosity for everything new and exciting could be explored through his lens and eventually took him around the world many times over while working as a staff photographer for Burton Snowboards. His experience in action sports gave him the ability to keep things quick, light, and fun no matter the environment or conditions. Adam’s work has been featured in magazines around the globe and in campaigns for brands like Red Bull, Mt Dew, Casio, Volcom, and Adidas. When not out exploring or shooting, Adam resides in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Check out more of his work here and here!

Colby Lysne: Featured Artist for aPhotoEditor’s Personal Projects Series!

April 20, 2017 in Colby Lysne, Kim Knight Represents, Uncategorized

aPhotoEditor’s Personal Projects series focuses on the side projects of working photographers, putting a spotlight on how these photographers work creatively on their own. Today, Colby Lysne was a featured artist with his Homeless Connect piece.

Every year, Project Homeless Connect organizes an event at which the local homeless population can receive a series of services that may help them get back on their feet. In his written statement, Colby discusses his experiences volunteering for Project Homeless Connect by creating portraits at the yearly event. He details who he’s met, the people he’s photographed and the importance the portraits have to his subjects.

See the full article here!

Congratulations, Colby! Keep up the good work!

Spring Cleaning: Decluttering You and Your Life

April 5, 2017 in Amy Herold, Chris Strong, Dana Sabre, Grace Chon, Kim Knight Represents

This month is all about spring cleaning! This includes your life, your diet, your habits, your pets and your cluttered spaces! In preparation for the upcoming season, we wanted to dedicate this month to helpful tips on starting spring with a fresher, cleaner outlook.

There is something wonderful about coming home to a clean space. As much as I love the feeling of finding everything in its right place and having an organized home, clutter has always been something I’ve struggled with. This spring, I buckled down and decluttered and I’ve got some helpful tips for getting started and keeping it up.

First thing, lets talk about how beneficial decluttering can be! Working and living in an organized, clean space has been proven to restore clarity and reduce physical and emotional stress. Spring is a time for new beginnings as we welcome the warmer season and prepare for new (hopefully healthier!) habits and cleaning out the clutter can create that “fresh start” sensation.

1. Start Small & Keep Going

Photo by Chris Strong

Decluttering your home is a big goal, so don’t expect it to be finished in one day! Start small and move from there. This is great practice for the bigger parts of your home and also may help you realize the habits that have lead to a cluttered space. Pick a small problem area that you’ve noticed recently and clean it out. Conquer the junk drawer! Empty that overflowing closet! Gut the cabinet under the sink! Even a messy desktop on your laptop can serve a great jumping off point. If you don’t use something, toss it. If it doesn’t have a place of its own, make a place for it. This is about shirking off the unnecessary and organizing the necessary. Think of this as your point A, and a clean, clutter-free space in point B.

2. Go Room to Room

Photo by Amy Herold

Once you’ve got your small project done (didn’t it feel great?!) go room to room and keep the momentum going. For example, head to your kitchen. Appliances take up a lot of space, so if it doesn’t work, get rid of it. Containers for leftover food are useless without a matching lid, so gather the pairs and toss, or recycle, the spares. Try hanging pots and pans for extra storage space. Move from room to room with this attitude and start gathering the things your ready to let go of.

3. Get It Out

Photo by Dana Sabre

It’s best to do this step incrementally as you move through your home. As you gather the clutter you’re tossing, you might notice the pile getting pretty large. Take a break between each room and start to plan an exit strategy for the clutter pile. Do you plan to donate it, recycle it or trash it? Does it fit in a trash bag? Is it easy to transport? This is also a great opportunity to donate your unwanted things to charities that give back. One of our personal favorites is the Chicago based Economy Shop, which will sell your clutter and donate the profits to various charities like The Children’s Clinic and the Animal Care League. The National Furniture Bank Association (NFBA) is also a wonderful organization that accepts your gently used furniture to be donated to struggling families in need. A lot of these organizations, including the NFBA, will pick up your larger items, so do some research and find one that works best for you. Websites like maintains a list of local charities in your area that will assist with donation pick-ups so make sure to utilize these tools while you’re working. Once it’s out, it will feel awesome and this feeling is what will help you keep going.

4. Keep It Up

Photo by Chris Strong

Decluttering your home takes work, but recluttering is easy. Part of maintaining your newly clean space is breaking bad habits. There’s no need to make this your new obsession, but dedicating 5 minutes a day to maintaining your progress is a great start. Put things away, wipe off surfaces, and take out the trash. These are simple day-to-day routines that can help keep up the cleanliness and make everyday feel like a fresh start.

Spring Cleaning Your Pet

Photos by Grace Chon

Shirking off the clutter and cleaning your space can be healthy for you, but your pet can benefit from it too! Spring is the prime time for a good grooming session for your pets as they prepare for the warmer seasons.

Grooming isn’t just about maintaining a good-looking coat or managing your pet’s cleanliness, grooming is also about maintaining your pet’s physical health. Brushing helps remove dead hair, dandruff and dirt as well as distribute the natural oils in the fur to maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

If you choose to groom your pet yourself, its a great opportunity for some special one-on-one bonding. On our busier, hectic days, our pets can feel a little left out, so these grooming sessions are a fantastic way to reconnect and give them plenty of attention.

Essential Oil Blend for Clarity of Mind

Looking for a little extra clarity? Try this roller ball recipe to create and promote focused thinking.

Mix together…

6 drops Ginger Essential Oil

5 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

4 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Fill the rest with carrier oil of choice, I personally prefer fractionated coconut oil.

Message onto your temples and the back of your neck.

With a clean home, a pet with a healthy coat and an essential oil blend for mental clarity, you’re ready to face the warmer months with a fresh start and a new outlook! Spring won’t know what hit it!